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StarScribe Productions ~ our story so far

StarScribe Productions is small but perfectly formed. But don’t let our size fool you. In spite of our petite set-up — or because of it — we pack a powerful creative punch. Meet the StarScribe Productions team...

Phyllis Foundis ~ Co-Director StarScribe Productions

Phyllis Foundis
Writer, media presenter — and stage diva (on hiatus)

Phyllis has written and bellydanced her way to the tender age of 36. She’s been writing stories, ads, one-woman shows and to-do lists for as long as she can remember.

She loves big shower heads and loathes coriander.

Little-known fact: After being selected from 300 trainee journalist applicants for an interview with News Limited, Phyllis happily told the HR manager her favourite section of their newspaper was the comics. Her next job was in advertising.

See more here: Advertising Profile, Advertising Resume PDF, Advertising Samples PDF, her Presenter Show Reel in Quicktime or Windows Media or visit her site at Quicktime or visit

Kym Borrett ~ Co-Director StarScribe Productions

Kym Borrett
Video editor, graphic designer — and formidable hoops-player!

Kym has spent the last 46 years of his life playing basketball, designing ads and editing dozens of films for the domestic, theatrical and corporate worlds.

He loves big hard drives and loathes aimless wandering in shops.

Little-known fact: Kym was 19 when he won a nationwide competition to find a name for the Australian Mens Basketball Team. ‘The Boomers’ name scored Kym $500. He bought a new bike.

See more here: Advertising Profile, Advertising Resume PDF, Advertising Samples PDF or view his video show reel in using either Quicktime or Windows Media.

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