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University of Western Sydney

Course promotions and event filming for the UWS.

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StarScribe productions began developing materials for the University of Western Sydney in 2007. Project highlights include a ‘Campus Life’ DVD given out with the university prospectus, the production of the Discovery Science film targeted to high school students and the filming, editing and distribution of two seminar series for the Whitlam Institute.

UWS ‘Campus Life’ DVD

This film was produced for the University of Western Sydney to include as a DVD with their 2009 Prospectus. Designed to give a snapshot of campus life as seen through the eyes of UWS students. We interviewed the students, asked some basic questions and presented a real–life insight for future students.

"Fantastic work guys. An engaging, fresh and very real snapshot of campus life. Everyone loves it. It really adds personality to the brand and is a fanstatic point of difference in a crowded market."

BILL PADDIS, Head of Marketing, University of Western Sydney

UWS Discovery Science program promotion

The University of Western Sydney needed a short overview of a secondary schools program designed to inspire young scientists using a state–of–the–art confocal microscope. Incorporating real-world graphics, it features university professors, science industry professionals and participating high school students. This has been distributed to surrounding high school teachers who are interested in the program.

Whitlam Institute seminar series — filming and DVDs

As part of UWS, the Whitlam Institute briefed StarScribe to film two very topical seminar series on Energy Security and The Economy. We filmed the seminars, edited to incorporate presenter slides, provided files to upload to YouTube and designed and authored a DVD-ROM interface to distribute the complete series to the public and academics. View all the films on the Whitlam Institute YouTube channel here.

watch the StLucys Sample

UWS ‘Campus Life’ DVD film

Click here to view the UWS ‘Campus Life’ film distributed with the 2009 prospectus. A snapshot as told by UWS students... (7:12min)

watch the StLucys Sample

UWS Discovery Science program film

Click here to view a short overview of a UWS secondary schools program designed to inspire young scientists...(8:50min)

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