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Designer home videos starring your child

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Introducing kidzLife films - unique ‘diaries’ for children of all ages – from infants to teenagers (if they think it’s cool enough!). Each film is captured on broadcast quality video cameras and edited with titles and music to reflect your child’s personality.

A day in the life of your child can feature anything from playing in the park to shopping for new clothes. We can even film your child going to ‘big school’ for the first time.

Just choose a theme and a kidzLife package to suit your child...

A kidzLife theme can be anything from the Lion King to favourite cartoon characters, dolls, dancing and even sport.

A typical kidzLife video features an interview with your child... footage of them at play... a special activity like a trip to the park... a selection of your favourite photographs... and maybe even a few highlights from your own home videos.

All the action is set to a soundtrack – you can help us choose songs that complement the theme and your child’s personality. And we’ll also include the ‘funny moments’ filmed on the day — the tantrums, the giggles and more.

Of course, every kidzLife video is as unique as your child. And you can enjoy it on DVD, your PC and even your iPod. Whatever media you choose, you can expect something that’s quite unforgettable.

Here are the kidzLife packages you can choose from...

StarScribe-star ‘Short & Sweet’ – 10 minutes: A great introduction to kidzLife and your opportunity to see what’s possible with fantastic footage and music.

StarScribe-star ‘Mini Kidz’ – 15 minutes: Mini Kidz means you enjoy a little more time in your child’s world. An extra five minutes is longer than you think.

StarScribe-star ‘Blockbuster Kidz’ – 20 minutes: This package gives you more than a day in the life of your child – it can be a weekend! An incredible gift.

Turn your child’s unique moments into extraordinary video memories

There are no ordinary moments in childhood. Every minute is magic. Every glance, every word is worth remembering. And years from now, a kidzLife film will transport you back to the moments that may have otherwise been forgotten.

To immortalise your child’s memories, book a kidzLife film package today. You can view a kidzLife sample film HERE or read our Frequently Asked Questions. Email today for more details.

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