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popStaff - FAQs

Everything you needed to know about popStaff

StarScribe-star Download these FAQs as a PDF file: For a printable PDF reference click HERE.

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StarScribe-star What is a popStaff video?

As the name suggests, popStaff videos are pop videos starring office staff. Each video is customised to suit your company in terms of song choice, location and even special effects.

StarScribe-star Why book a popStaff video?

Why not? popStaff videos are one of the most innovative ways to boost morale, build team spirit and celebrate your company’s anniversary or a new business win. popStaff video shoots are also a great complement for any team-building exercises you’ve already booked.

StarScribe-star How can my company use a popStaff video?

The possibilities are endless. Some of our clients have held special screenings of their popStaff videos at Xmas parties, conferences and weekends away. Other clients have also hosted special popStaff screenings for their customers and suppliers. popStaff videos are great to include on company websites and intranet sites too.

StarScribe-star Can we use any pop song for our popStaff video?

Absolutely. You just choose the song that best suits your business. A consultancy firm recently chose Abba’s Money, Money, Money.

StarScribe-star Where do you shoot a popStaff video?

Your office! But if your company opts for the popStaff ’Diva Package’ – you can choose one other location like your local park, another office or even the factory floor.

StarScribe-star Do we need to wear any fancy clothes or silly wigs?

Definitely not! popStaff is all about extraordinary fun in an ordinary environment. The results are actually funnier without costumes. So no weird makeup, wigs, or clown shoes necessary. Suits, ties, tailored office-wear are perfect for a popStaff shoot.

StarScribe-star How many people come and shoot on the day?

Generally speaking, the popStaff crew is made up of Phyllis – who choreographs and motivates your pop staff and Kym who directs and films the action. Depending on the size of the office cast, we may bring a second cameraman/assistant to the shoot.

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StarScribe-star What happens on the day of filming?

We’ll arrive just after 9am for a quick briefing and to find out what meetings we need to work around. We can talk to the entire cast of the popStaff shoot at once, or small groups and individuals. This gives your staff the chance to ask any questions and hopefully we can soothe any pre-filming jitters!

StarScribe-star How much time does it take to film the video?

For a pop song of average length (4-5 minutes), we will normally film for about 3 hours. But sometimes the shoot can last longer depending on the number of locations and staff.
Please note: Not all staff is required for the whole shoot – they just need to be ’on-call’. A popStaff shoot is broken up into group scenes, trios, quartets and sometimes individuals. We will work with you to plan around busy schedules and meetings.

StarScribe-star How quickly can we see the edited result of our popStaff video?

Normally about two working days after your popStaff shoot. But for popStaff shoots and screenings held at weekend conferences for example, we can arrange for a faster edit. All you need do is ask.

StarScribe-star How many copies of our popStaff video do we get?

Your company will receive 10 complimentary DVD copies. Extra copies are available for just $7 each. We include DVD cases with a company personalised cover featuring photos from the shoot. And you even have the option of including smaller, compressed QuickTime or WindowsMedia movies for your company website, email or powerpoint use.

StarScribe-star Do you have a showreel of popStaff videos I can see?

Yes. Click HERE for a look at some pop staff in action. Or contact us. We’re also happy to come to your office and give a multi-media popStaff presentation. This is a completely obligation-free meeting. We can show you what’s possible with a good camera, creative editing, some great music and how to tailor the shoot for your needs. You’ll see a selection of popStaff videos as well as the accompanying blooper reels.

StarScribe-star Can you explain the cost of a popStaff package?

Sure. The cost of a popStaff video is a direct reflection of the time it takes to plan, shoot and edit the video. Filming your staff is the easy part. The real work begins when the filming ends. The editing is the most time-consuming part of the whole process.

We use the latest digital cameras, computers and software to create your company’s popStaff video. But all this technology does is make the editing process possible – not easy and definitely not quick.

On average, it takes 6 hours to edit 3 minutes of entertaining, watchable footage. The results can be stunning, but like all good things, it takes time and we need to charge accordingly.

You can choose from two popStaff packages:
The ‘Starlet Package’ or the ‘Diva Package’.
See our popStaff Pricing page for more details.

If you have something more glamourous in mind for your popStaff video (some companies have hired warehouses for their shoot!), let’s talk about it.

StarScribe-star What method of payment do you accept?

StarScribe accepts bank cheques and bank transfers. We will ask for a non-refundable 40% deposit once a booking is confirmed. The deposit is retained by us if a booking is cancelled less than 14 days prior to the film date. When your popStaff video is delivered, we will invoice your company for the outstanding balance. Payment terms are 30 days.

StarScribe-star Do you have any other corporate video products?

Yes. If a key member of staff is leaving, we can produce a bespoke tribute video featuring interviews by colleagues, photos and funny anecdotes. We can also film special office birthdays, launches or company events and edit them using our unique StarScribe style. All of our video concepts are customised and scripted as we pay tribute to your company and staff in the most way engaging, exciting way possible.

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StarScribe-star What other video products does StarScribe provide?

Lots! Namely, popKidz (yep, the children get a shot at pop stardom too), kidzLife – designer home videos starring newborns, toddlers and pre-teens (the teenagers are too ’cool’ for video) and starEvents which are bespoke movies ideal for milestone events, anniversaries and birthdays.

StarScribe-star Who is StarScribe?

StarScribe is Phyllis Foundis and Kym Borrett: a dynamic Australian couple with a strong background in advertising and a passion for creativity on all levels from children’s videos and stage shows to broadcast quality documentaries.
Click HERE to find out more.

NOTES: All editing is done at our editor’s discretion. However, you are welcome to supply us with any editing ideas before filming begins. Please be aware that if you wish to make any personal changes to the final edited video – which we were not aware of prior to filming – we will charge a re-edit fee of $100 per hour.

Please ensure you read and agree to our popStaff Terms and Conditions.

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