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Sample Movies

Take a look at some pop staff in action...

Staff pop, staff dance, office staff love strutting their stuff on camera - trust us, they do. But don’t take our word for it. Have a look at the popStaff sample movies using the links below. See the introduction movie or go straight to a song or bloopers sample...
OR view and download Quicktime or Windows Media files HERE.

watch the popstaff intro movie

popStaff Introduction Movie

A quick introduction to popStaff... (3:06min)

watch the popStaff song sample

popStaff Song Sample 1 or Sample 2

See the final product of a popStaff shoot...
See the RAC management team strut their stuff HERE
OR see an accountants do an Abba classic HERE.

watch the popStaff bloopers sample

popStaff Bloopers Sample 1 or Sample 2

See the bloopers from a popStaff shoot...
See the RAC team fluff their lines HERE
OR see the how the accountants don't add up HERE.

Select your movie to view online. But remember, if you cannot play our movies or would prefer to view via a DVD - just contact us and we'll send our StarReel.

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